Everything that’s natural is good!
As in nature and in human nutrition mushrooms

have a very important role!

Fruit is a rich source of vitamins!
Meli Funghi d.o.o. company was founded in 2008 in Cazin, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Is engaged in trade, processing and transport of fruit and mushrooms. The company is distinguished by top quality products placed on the market and thanks to that became one of the leaders in its field …


Fikret Sivić

Fikret Sivić, born 08.01.1958. , graduated from the High School for road transport in Zagreb and became engineer of road traffic. He began his career as head of the firm   “Work” which is located in Cazin, then was director ” RJ IGM ” and since 2009 he started working in the ” Meli Funghi” d.o.o. as Director.

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About company

The company engaged in trade and production, transport of fruits and vegetables, thanks to well-organized business and quality service provision, the company is located in one of the leading positions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company has over 60 employees, has a high-quality and varied fleet of vehicles (trucks, trucks with refrigerators). It has facilities (dryers, warehouses, refrigerators, processing plants) and plantations where it grows several types of fruit. Below you can read more about the company, goals and visions of “Meli Funghi”.

Hadžić Zuhdija

Zuhdija was born 23.08.1971. year, trained as an agricultural technician. Since 1991 he lives in Austria, is a person responsible for contracting, speaks German and is the contact person for cooperation with the German market.

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